Garage Door Spring Problems

The Most Common Garage Door Spring Problems And Their Effective Solutions

Having a fully functional garage door is nothing less than a blessing but is often taken as granted. Garage doors offer constant working, opening, and closing on demand. However, a little problem in its working can cause great inconvenience to its users.

Fortunately, a little maintenance and troubleshooting the common problems can increase the door’s functionality many times. Therefore, it is essential to identify the common garage door spring problems to ensure quick solutions.

The Common Garage Door Spring Problems –

Garage doors are often the most neglected part, but it requires effective protection from time to time for their smooth functioning. If you fail to identify the common possible garage door issues, you are just simply adding to your problems.

Here are some of the top and common types of garage door spring problems that you may have to deal with –

Broken garage door torsion spring:

The broken garage door torsion spring is one of the common problems you might struggle with. It is quite easy to identify this issue as it makes a high noise, somewhat similar to a firecracker. Thus, if you are anywhere around, you will surely come to know about it instantly.

There can be an issue of door tension if the garage door isn’t staying open for long. However, it is a broken spring if the door opens a little and then stops. You should immediately get expert assistance to repair this garage door issue as it can be dangerous to use the garage door with a broken torsion spring.

Snapped cables on the doors:

On both sides of the garage door, you have extension springs just above the tracks. Safety cables accompany these springs through the springs for safety reasons. They mainly help in controlling the extension spring of the garage springs.

The major problem you can face with these snapped cables is either getting lost or broken with time. In such a case, there will not be enough protection for the garage door, which will hinder the garage door’s functionality.

The best way to tackle this problem is to timely analyze the problem and ask for expert assistance. It is best to not risk your garage door’s safety, as neglecting the problem in its initial stage can cause higher consequences.

Spring tension issues in garage door:

Your garage door has spring tension if it is opening but very slowly. With frequent use of the door’s spring, it can be worn or stretched, making it less effective. Moreover, at times, the spring needs simple adjustments from the local assistance and thus, should be taken care of immediately.

Fortunately, it is not an expensive affair to handle and can be solved without any hassles. However, it is not suggested to handle the issue independently as the spring is under high tension, and repairing it without expert assistance can be dangerous at times.

Squeaky spring of the garage door:

Last but not least, your garage door’s spring can become noisy with time, adding to the list of common garage door spring problems. The squeaky sound of the garage door can sometimes just be an annoying noise, but in some cases, it can point to a serious problem.

You can try using oil on the door to check if it can control the noise. However, if the noise continues, it is recommended to consult an expert to diagnose the problem. After diagnosing, you can invest in some good quality spring oil and apply the same after a regular interval.

Final Thoughts

If your garage door is taking ages to function or is not functioning at all, it is quite obvious that you are facing the common garage door spring problems. Similar to other items, the spring on the garage door is prone to become susceptible with time. Consistent and thorough maintenance is the simple and effective solution to this problem.

If you are struggling with any more issues with the garage door spring, reach us in the comment section. We offer you the best services for garage door repair in Cabot ar with extended assistance.