Garage Door Sensor Problems

How to Deal with Garage Door Sensor Problems?

Every garage door has a sensor that alerts if there is some blockage in the way of closing the
door. These sensors are highly beneficial and necessary as mandated by the federal
government in the year 1993 to protect the lives of citizens from accidental garage doors
closing. The primary function of the sensor is to prevent the garage door from closing until
all the obstructions are out of the way. In this blog, we will look at some of the common
garage door sensor problems.

Causes of the Garage Door Sensor Problems

If your garage door sensors are not working there could be 2 potential problems. Let’s take a
closer look at the same.
There are 2 essential elements of a garage door.
● Photo-eye
These are infrared sensors that are placed around 2 to 6 inches off the ground. When the
remote control is pushed, a signal is sent to the sensors to open the door. The main aim of
the photo eye is to prevent the garage door from closing on any obstruction.
● Line of sight
Photo eyes on either side of the garage door send an infrared beam to each other. When
nothing blocks the view, the beam remains uninterrupted. If anything is blocking the view,
the door will not close but reopen.
If there is a malfunction with these 2 aspects, you have a problem on your hands!
How to Solve the Garage Door Opener Sensor Problems?
Here are some simple ways in which you can tackle the issue. They are described below.
● Dirty lenses
The first reason the garage door won’t close is that the lens is dirty. These lenses are made
of glass much like a camera lens and are prone to getting dusty. The photo-eyes of door
sensors are tiny and get dirty very quickly. So, what’s the solution to this problem? You will
need to clean the lens properly with a soft cloth. Wipe away the residue from the surface of
the eye. Don’t use a wet cloth as the dirt may stick to it more.
● Out of alignment
The sensors need to be properly aligned for the malfunctioning garage doors to work
properly. The photo-eyes need to be pointed in the same direction. In case the LED light on
the exterior of each sensor blinks, it means there is a problem with the alignment. It’s time
to solve this garage door sensor problem by realigning the sensors. The blinking should
● Weather-related malfunctioning
In case it is icy outside there could be a thin film of ice on the garage door which prevents
the door from closing. Moreover, there could be condensation on the sensors which could
obstruct the utility of the sensors. Moisture on the lens can also cause the lens to
● Power supply to the sensors
In case the power supply to the sensors is not working, there will be a problem with the
sensors. Check the fuse or if the cable is unplugged. The fuse can blow due to voltage drops.
Re-establish the power supply and the sensors will begin to work again.
● Sensor wire damage
There may be some damage to the sensor wire that prevents the sensors from working
properly. You can call an electrician to solve the problem or if you are well aware of how to
do it, you can try fixing it yourself. This automatic garage door sensor problem has an easy
● Normal wear and tear
Finally, another cause of the garage door sensor problem is the normal wear and tear of the
equipment. This machinery needs to be replaced as it has become old and needs to be
replaced with new ones.


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